Meet the Youth Weekend West 2018 team!


Linda Henderson (Walnut Creek, CA)


Originally from North Berwick, a small town near Edinburgh, Linda now lives in the Bay Area. Once a competitive Highland Dancer, she took her RSCDS Teaching Certificate at St. Andrews. Since moving to California, she has taught workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada and has been on staff for English-Scottish Session at Pinewoods and for the Teachers’ Association (Canada) Summer School.

Marjorie McLaughlin (San Diego, CA)


Marjorie was born in Glasgow and first learned Scottish Country Dancing in school in Scotland. After her family immigrated to the United States her father, Tom Easton, began a SCD class in Cleveland, Ohio, and she danced in that class throughout her teen years. She took her Preliminary Certificate in 1985 and earned her Teacher’s Certificate at St. Andrews, Scotland in 1987.In January of 1992 she married a fellow dancer, Richard McLaughlin, and moved to San Diego where she teaches for the San Diego Branch. She has taught workshops in branches throughout North America, Europe and Asia and enjoys the opportunity to teach, and to learn from, dancers in other areas.

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